The ability for everyone to enjoy their cars at a safe location whilst getting to know new faces and share knowledge was the goal for our track day in Haunted Hills.

With early bird entires and reduced costs for AE members, spots were quickly filled for the day.

A quick track overview and scrutineering session from the hosts at GPCC allowed complete track use from 9am to 4pm. Entrants enjoyed driving throughout the day, challenging themselves (and each other) for personal bests and sharing experiences with passenger laps.

A BBQ was provided, with a slow cooker and smoker provided, the team providing brisket and an assortment of meats and vegetarian options, ensuring everyone was fed throughout day at no cost.

Light rain peppered the track towards the end of the day and provided a further opportunity for further driver development in wet weather driving, bringing the day to a close.

Thanks for all who came, we are excited for the next one!


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