Welcome to Absolute Enthusiasts, a club dedicated to fostering community and connecting like-minded car enthusiasts.

Our mission is to help you enjoy your classic vehicles in a way that suits your lifestyle, free from the hassles of mandatory events and ongoing membership maintenance. We prioritise creating a sense of connection and shared passion among our members.

Our team of motoring enthusiasts is committed to providing exceptional service, making your Club Permit application process convenient and straightforward.


Access to a community of open-minded and friendly enthusiasts
Optional cruises, trackdays and meets
No compulsory requirements to maintain membership
Support a relevant and important cause
Reduced registration costs
No stamp duty on vehicle purchases
Reduced insurance costs

At Absolute Enthusiasts, we have a specialised focus on club plates and permits.

Our commitment to exceptional service sets us apart, as we offer a personalised 'drive to you' approach. Our goal is to make the process of getting your vehicle on the road faster and more convenient, minimizing any potential hassle.


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