WOW! What an amazing event this was! Thank you all for joining the Mount Macedon cruise!

Despite the rain, we enjoyed a fantastic lineup of sports cars and vintage classics. The scenic drive through the countryside and the highway convoy was thrilling and we got some great photos!

Our recent cruise was a blast, sporting a diverse range of cars with attendees bringing inclusive and positive vibes!

The convoy down the bay provided a picturesque experience, with the windy country roads into Flinders adding extra thrill to the journey.

A big thank you to everyone who joined us and contributed to making this event safe and fun!

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the Marysville Yarra Valley cruise!

The beautiful weather, diverse range of cars, and friendly atmosphere made it an amazing event!

A collaboration with Autobarn Moorabbin afforded the opportunity for a huge event with multiple prizes and trophies.

With over 800 cars in attendance, all car parks were filled with overflows utilised to cater for the volume of vehicles in attendance.

A variety of cars of all makes and models and years were on offer, with spectators and owners enjoying the balmy weather and the food offerings provided by neighbouring restaurants that kindly agreed to stay open past closing.

A perfect night with a high volume of cars and insane quality made this an event to remember.

The ability for everyone to enjoy their cars at a safe location whilst getting to know new faces and share knowledge was the goal for our track day in Haunted Hills.

With early bird entires and reduced costs for AE members, spots were quickly filled for the day.

A quick track overview and scrutineering session from the hosts at GPCC allowed complete track use from 9am to 4pm. Entrants enjoyed driving throughout the day, challenging themselves (and each other) for personal bests and sharing experiences with passenger laps.

A BBQ was provided, with a slow cooker and smoker provided, the team providing brisket and an assortment of meats and vegetarian options, ensuring everyone was fed throughout day at no cost.

Light rain peppered the track towards the end of the day and provided a further opportunity for further driver development in wet weather driving, bringing the day to a close.

Thanks for all who came, we are excited for the next one!

Trophies, food, music and giveaways set the tone for an unforgettable day, made more so by the presence and positivity of those who came.

It was brilliant to see the variety of cars on offer and a turnout that was simply immense. We felt humbled by the support of our community and are now even more pumped to facilitate bigger and better events in the coming months!

On a rainy Thursday night, many braved the rain and cold to come out to Pizza Societe in Docklands, enjoying quality food and a variety of different cars.

On the Sunday of July 31st, we braced the cold Melbourne weather, warmed up with a hot coffee and connected with friends and like-minded enthusiasts from all walks of life.

Euros, American, Aussie Muscle and an assortment of JDM vehicles populated the Bulleen Krispy Kreme car park. We set off at 11 AM and convoyed to a quaint country pub in the heart of the Dandenong Ranges, grabbing a bite and setting off once again for some more corners.

A small mishap with one of our members (resulting in a shifter unseating itself from the gearbox) put a 15-minute hold on the cruise. With the help of many members and emergency toolkits, we collectively fixed the car and continued on our way! 

With over 80 vehicles in attendance, there was something to tickle everyone’s fancy at the AE May BBQ and cruise.

The variety of vehicles was staggering and we had a great time making new friends, reconnecting with old ones and sharing the automotive passion. Combined with the bliss of enjoying our vehicles in convoy from various point to point locations in the Yarra Valley, this was an event to remember!

A meet in Southbank allowed for a fun and laid back experience. With YouTuber ‘ClayWong’ as the special guest, Clay took some video interviews of AE members and some great shots of the attending cars.

As the morning progressed, a large variety of cars were on offer with owners relaxing in the warm sun, making new friends, talking cars and most importantly, enjoying the much required morning coffee.


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